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Follow my Facebook page! Facebookページ作りました! 

Hi it's teturei!I made my Facebook page! check it for new updates!I will post new updates when I update my blog.!...
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100% Speedcraft LL Unboxing!  

日本語版は近いうちに書きます(書く書く詐欺なのは内緒Hi there! It's teturei!I bought a new sunglasses a few days ago, so I am going to show you some pictures today.The sunglasses are famous for a thing which is used by Peter Sagan who is a pro cyclist.(Attached this post. If it is problem, I will delete this part as soon as possible. thank you)I think this sunglasses will be so cool when Peter Sana...
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How to pedal well? 上手な引き足とは?Part 2 

日本語は5月くらいに公開ですw(面倒なのでHi there! It's teturei.Last time I mentioned about "Minus direction power", so this article is the main sentence of the subject.Now let's start to dissect the problem!I told you that we'd better not to use our calves because they are not so big muscle and they are located beneath our thighs and we can make a big power when we use thighs, so I'm gonna talk a...
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How To Pedal well? 上手な引き足とは? Part 1 

日本語版は随時追加中ですHi there! It's teturei!I am so tired today because I went to a little trip in America so I will make 3 or 4 part article...maybe.こんにちは!tetureiです。今日ブログ書くのがめんどくさいので3つくらいにパート分けして書きますwwNow, most cyclists think "How to pedal well?", because bad pedaling will cause the power which toward to minus direction.Sometimes, we say that pulling...
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Over 6300 vews! キリ番って死語? 

今回は珍しく日本語メインっぽいです。Hello ! It's teturei!こんちは!tetureiです!Today, I'm gonna tell you that this blog was viewed over 6300 people!If you are 6300th people, I will give you my great smile!(殴さて、突然ですが、ついにブログ閲覧者数が6300人を突破いたしました!キリ番を踏んだ方にはもれなく満面の笑みを差し上げます(殴Anyway, we say "round number" in English, but we say that "キリ番"...
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